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The greatest Magicians of the world have stated that magic is illusion. It is all in your mind. Criss Angel is a famed modern day magician, fascinatingly; he doesn’t claim to have supernatural powers but takes your breath away with mind boggling magic tricks with anyone, anytime and anywhere without the use of special set ups, props, accessories or gimmicks. Criss Angel has performed tricks and magic on national TV and challenges magicians, or anyone, who claims to have super natural powers.

The peak to his career started through his show “Criss Angel Mindfreak”. In this show he used to demonstrate amazing and unbelievable tricks which would leave you dumbfounded, thunderstruck and stunned. Tricks such as moving the cards without touching them, walking on the water, burning himself alive, levitation and etc were shown by him.

Most of Criss Angel tricks and secrets are now revealed and the key is to focus upon some minute details to get to the core of the magic being performed. Like other legendary and popular magicians Criss Angel is an expert in handling your attention and diverting it at the right time. You need to remember that its all part of the show and that is how it goes.

The incredible trick and act of ” chain around the neck” is very easy to catch. As Criss is good at diverting the attention, he makes the maximum use of it during his tricks; the chain is basically not tied to his neck but with a false loose loop. He seems to be edgy and nervous when he asks the guys to pull the chain as firm as they can. And within a second he is free from the chain. The grunting and growling sound effects accompanied with the dramatic expressions is part of the magic demonstration. They are just meant to give away a real feel to what is being presented.

“Criss Angel vanishes” is one of the most prominent Criss Angel tricks which has made the audience go fanatical after him. Criss Angel stands on a table and manages to vanish away under the blanket that he spreads over him and whoa! He’s gone. But if you observe and take a closer look you will see a different reflection of Criss Angel on both sides of the table which means that a mirror is somewhere placed in between and there is an adequate amount of space visible under the table to hold the crouching magician.

‘Levitation’ has been performed by him over and over again online as well as on TV upon the request of his fans and viewers. The secret of levitation may be the simplest of all yet it has had the most awe inspiring effect. He has been raising himself above the floor to one foot. The key is the right wardrobe to perform the magical act. There is a cut or a long slit in his trousers that allow him to pass his leg out of the pants and rest it upon a chair or a box like medium in front of him. After this he can push off and hold himself up to the level of the object. As soon as he is on top of the medium he swings or floats down and slides his leg back into his pants.

The performance, presentation, of Criss Angel tricks and magic are all part of the same equation. The magic tricks and secrets need to be mastered perfectly before presenting and the magician shall be well practiced to misdirect the audience.

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