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*Update* See below for the video of Criss Angel revealing how he levitates

Magic and illusions have mystified the world for ages. There have been many famous magicians, illusionist and mentalist who have honed their skills and perfected a number of tricks or illusions. One such illusionist is a man named Criss Angel. Criss has managed to master the art of street magic, through the amazing powers of redirection and the power of persuasion. Criss has developed a large fan base over the last few years and made his way into the mainstream lime light. He has achieved the dream of all magicians and illusionists out there, making his name stand out with the likes of David Copperfield and Harry Houdini.

Just a few of the tricks that Criss has made his own are levitation, card tricks, walking on water and walking up the side of the Luxor Hotel. He is known for his daring tricks he dubs “Mind Freaks”, Criss has the amazing ability to mix illusions and mentalism a feat that many magicians have mastered. In one of his shows that he had on television Criss seemed to walk through glass and then disappeared only to reappear on top of the building gazing down at the crowd below. Shock and Awe is something he is most famous for in his shows on stage and on camera. Another one of his tricks that many can just not wrap their mind around his his levitation. Is it really possible for someone to levitate just using the power of their mind? Well, while some magicians and illusionists do not wish to explain the tricks of the trade, Criss shares a few.

How to levitate like Criss Angel
If you look hard enough you can find some videos of him explaining his technique in step by step instructions that show you how to levitate like Criss Angel himself.

  • He first goes into explaining that you need to walk up to a step like surface, either a curb, step, or a block prop.
  • He then goes on to tell you that you need to make sure as your are walking up to the object that you effectively distract your audience. Conversation or something that you are doing with your hands will work just fine as a distraction.
  • He then makes a note that if you want to learn how to levitate like Criss Angel, you need to practice this several times to ensure that your balance and strength is up to par before attempting it.
  • One of his tricks to levitating is that the heels of his shoes have high powered magnets embeded inside. As he steps up to demonstrate the trick he makes note that his heels are magnetized together holding his feet/shoes firmly planted next to one another.
  • As he has the audience distracted with his hand motions and his conversation they fail to notice that as his back is turned to them he is slowly stepping out side of his pants leg with one foot and placing it onto the curb/object in front of him. As he slowly steps out of his pants leg you can see that his foot and leg are in a very dark black stocking, the same color as his trick pants.
  • With very little movement other than his arms, or so the audience thinks, he balances himself on that one foot that is perched on the curb. As he does this he slowly raises his body up and appears to be levitating. As the crowd is in shock he slowly places his foot back inside the pants leg, turns and takes a bow.

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