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Mentalism is becoming a more popular art form these days. With television shows featuring charismatic individuals saving the day with their seemingly supernatural powers its no wonder that you’re curious to learn how you, too, can become a mentalist.

Your curiosity is actually the first step to becoming a mentalist! It takes a genuinely open-minded person with a voracious curiosity to learn the craft!

Don’t fret if you feel you have no predisposition to ESP or clairvoyance. While some mentalists, such as Uri Geller, claim to be genuinely psychic, the key to becoming a mentalist is to hone your observational skills. Consider the character Sherlock Holmes. Through the power of observation is he able to deduce and solve cases that leave everyone else baffled. He is always ten steps ahead and he credits it all to keen observation. Holmes creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle could easily have labeled Holmes a mentalist without changing any of the plot lines.

But Holmes isn’t a mentalist. Clairvoyantly speaking, he is just a normal person like you. Training yourself to be truly observant is the secret to becoming a mentalist. As you learn to be observant, focus on reading body language. Mentalism is closely linked with psychology; a person’s body language reveals a plethora of clues. For example, a person’s eyes give away a lot of information. The pupils tend to grow bigger when a person is interested and smaller when they’re not.

Along with being a trained observer, the successful mentalist must also be a skilled communicator, confident, and charismatic. Combining all these traits will enable you to manipulate whomever it is you’re attempting to entertain with your Mentalist skills.

To become a skilled communicator, learn to listen! Let the other person talk, (thus revealing more about themselves). Encourage them to do so by interjecting agreeable statements and questions to move things forward. Ask subtle questions that relate to the information you’re trying to draw out, but don’t address it directly. Focus on them and encourage them to continue while displaying a genuine interest in everything they have to say.

Focusing on the person in front of you and being fully there for them is a quality of charisma that is essential in becoming a Mentalist. People will feel relaxed around you and more agreeable when you show you’re legitimately interested. Learn to smile, a lot, to push your charismatic Mentalist persona even further.

Do your homework. Research the craft even further, learning the basic tricks that every aspiring mentalist knows. And then, practice, practice, practice!

The following is the “Divine a Memory” trick. It classically utilizes the Mentalist skills of observation:

Ask a friend to recall three memories: an old friend, a favorite tune, and a time they got hurt.

Each of these memories corresponds with a different sense. The friend visual, the music auditory, and the pain relates to touch.

Hand your buddy a pen and paper—observing which hand they write with—ask them to tear the paper in three and jot down each memory.

Ask them to read each memory aloud (for the audience).

Kindly ask your friend to throw two sheets away, keeping the third a secret from you.

Look your friend in the eyes and ask him to think of the memory he kept.

Now use your observational skills. If your friend is right-handed then his eyes will look up and to YOUR right if he is thinking of the visual image. If he is thinking of the song he will look directly to the right, and if he is recalling the painful image he will look down and to your left.

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  • Gry

    the trick that you explained in your last paragraph didnt work

  • Caluori

    This trick takes time to perfect. There is also a chance that your subject doesn’t follow the common pattern. Try the same trick on multiple people and notice the subtle differences. Eventually you learn to more naturally recognize similarities in future attempts. I’ll update this article with a disclaimer clarifying that it doesn’t work for everyone 100% of the time. Thanks for your feedback.

  • jasmine

    I would really appreciate help for my situation I have terrible focas I suck at math and get board very easily im also 14 niw you might read what I just said and say to yourself there is no help for someone like me, but ive been researching this topic for 3 years yet I still haven’t found anything that quite works for me please help I am very passionate about this and reall y want to learn extremely badly

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