Pablo Amira

Pablo AmirĂ¡ is a Psychologist, Mentalist, Creative and Founder of Mentalism Center.
He is passionate about the art of Mentalism, creating and performing as part of his professional carreer.
His contributions can be seen in his independent work as author, through various releases with different companies, columns in magazines and contributions for his friends.

Powerful concepts and insights from the Master of the Psyche

The Path of Mystery
Initiation as Mystery Performer

Be a "Motivational Mentalist" !

30 minutes of Psychic Entertainment and Mentalism
 in the Virtual Scenario

Powerful impromptu possibilities 
using your own native "notes" app 

An ontological observation of Mystery Performance 

Three modular pieces in a small metal tin

Minimal Mentalism IIII
The fourth installment is ready!

Minimal Mentalism II VideoSimplicity as value 

2nd Compendium Book! 

Minimal Mentalism Lecture and exclusive extras !

A paradigm for Mystery Performance

Read minds, for REAL

A minimalistic routine from Telepathic Artifacts

Propless Mindreading using ANY country in the world

Learn an holistic perspective and improve as performer!

More than 3 hours of ideas and powerful conversations in the Minimalistic approach to Mentalism 

Know yourself, and be yourself!
Explorations in ungimmicked Mentalism with watches and time and theme.

The Art and Science of  Mastering First Impressions.

Learn about this esoteric and powerful tool. 
Routines, principles and more!

12 Practical Routines, Theories and Ideas that are simple and powerful for real-world audiences.

Love as theme in Mentalism performances

Any deck, any time, a full act for you!

Several approaches and ideas in this close up classic!

Fantastic Mentalism with an ungimmicked cube!

Learn the real secrets in the BEST TK Effect 


Narrative approaches to reading playing cards

Love is the ultimate mystery

Unwritten Q&A. Effective Cartomancy for the XXI century

Motivational Mindreading Anytime, Anywhere

Just you, some light props in your pockets and your audience

Perform a 20 minute act just with borrowed props!

Powerful and practical strategies

A new "indirect" approach to this neo-classic

Weekly Cartomancy
One date, one diary, one prediction.

Impromptu force with ANY photo at Instagram 

Mentalfy Plus
Reveal thought of songs using a borrowed phone

Direct and simple PIN code revelation

Collection of Zodiac Effects

You, your participant(s)/audience and nothing more.
Perform without props anytime, anywhere in the world. 

Impromptu Mentalism with Business Cards. 
Mindreading, Predictions and a lot more regarding this wonderful prop for Mentalists.

Perform Mentalism with borrowed objects, no preparation, anytime, anywhere, pure mystery.

Real World Mentalism with Playing Cards

Minimalist ESP Mentalism

Methods to predict ANYTHING without gimmicks


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