Halloween Offer

ANYONE just for $10

A classic offer for you. 
Until November, 1st ANY eBook from Pablo Amira´s (Mentalism Center Founder) authorship JUST FOR $10!

You want to learn propless Mentalism that ACTUALLY works? (Nada Normal Price: $40)...JUST $10
You want to learn about practical uses of pendulums? (Ideas About Pendulums Normal Price $40)...JUST $10
You want learn real world routines using just business cards? (B´Cards Normal Price $40)...JUST $10
You want to learn your new prediction closer for stage? (Test Conditions Prediction Normal Price $50)...JUST $10

Yes, you can get only one for $10, two for $20 and so on!

Just add you desire quantity and in the paypal comments or via email let me know your choice(s)


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