We all are genius, we all have creative potential, we all in here have great talents. 

 So what is the difference between the one that achieves his goals and the one who doesnt? I believe in the power of "Discipline". 

I believe in the idea that you need to take responsability about every opportunity that you have to be your best self, to create something unique, to develop your ideas, to perform for people with a proper strategy of actions, and that doesnt just need motivation, but also discipline. Motivation is inherently emotional, and although very important, we just cant depend only in our emotions to achieve our goals. We need to have a plan, a system and overall discipline to know what we want, and know how we can do it. 

 You want to perform more (professionally or amateur)? 
 You want to create more ? 
You want to achieve happiness, success or fame? 

 Invest in yourself, learn the appropriate information and work hard with discipline. Write your script, practice and rehearse your performance, read and talk with people that inspires you, invest time and part of your life in Mentalism, do this consistently learning from mistakes and you will be on the path. 

 Dont leave chance to "luck". Work hard. 

 Just some thoughts and emotions that I wanted to share for all of you.


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