Art Vanderlay

Art Vanderlay is a Mentalist and well known to be the foremost expert in "Elemental Manipulation"

Create legends!

Learn new techniques to predict events at Social Media!

The legendary "Cloud Sculpting" and more!

15 Effects, 200+ pages full of practical and workable material

The collected works of Art Vanderlay

5 powerful new routines for your repertoire

Art´s favorite Drawing Duplication!

Exciting new premise for your repertoire!

A method for being able to part the sea!

A fantastic collection of Mentalism from the mind of Art Vanderlay.

A fantastic psychological technique to offer propless readings

Would you like to be able to control the elements? 

Predict invisible coins in several manners!

The best way to learn the basics of PA

Predict on Social Media and MUCH MORE!

Pure credit card revelation


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