Carlos Emesqua

Carlos Emesqua is an underground psychic from Europe. 
Now retired from the performing circles, he offers intuitive counseling and now his unique and real world approach to Mentalism 

Explore the power of high magick
Infuse your Mentalism with deeper realism

Practical Numerology and Number Mentalism 

Mystery Performance as Healing 

Learn how to be a "Virtual Reader" 

This is not Mentalism for the beginner, but powerful Psychic Entertainment for the serious student!

Realistic methods and experiences 

Improve your Mystery Performance, forever!


Realistic Spirit Bells that doesnt cost hundreds of dollars!

This is how real psychics bend metal!

Readings, Predictions, Ungimmicked Tossed out Deck and more!

New explorations in credible Mentalism and Psychic Entertainment


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