Docc Hilford

 Docc Hilford is an interesting guy. He started his magic career as an under-water escapologist at age 16. Next stop was Murphy Brothers Exhibitions performing fire eating and other side show stunts. In the 1980s he was stage manager for Alice Cooper. Later, Docc’s Film Noir Magic Show opened for bands such as Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. After a couple years of life on the road, Docc settled down in Phoenix, and ran a private palmistry office specializing in exotic dancers.   A Las vegas wedding, a beautiful daughter and a Mexican divorce. In 1997 Docc reduced public performing and headed a small psychic church in Florida until 2001. His authentic, spiritual camp style seances are still legendary, ask those magicians who saw it at Rick Maue’s final Haunted Chamber.  

 Since he was 12 years old, he studied with Dusty Cravens, Orville Meyer, Mike Skinner, Ormond McGill, Theselonia DePrince (High Priest of VooDoo) and Tony Andruzzi. In 1990 he took editorship of The New Invocation; the flagship magazine for bizarrists. Docc hosted an international convention, The Weerd! Weekend from 1992 through 2000 with attendees from 18 different countries.  

 Through the years he has been a guest of honor at magic conventions, was a featured speaker performer at The Smithsonian Institution and in 2001 was honored at Kid-dabra for his comedy kid show. He made 27 magic/mentalism videos in the 1990's. He’s written 30 books for the mentalism trade in the 2000's.

  Over a 35 year career, Docc’s been a pick pocket, hypnotist, mind reader, illusionist and kid show performer. He was a successful trade show worker for several years. Somehow along the way he also earned a Doctorate of Divinity from the University of New Mexico. He just didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up!   
 He specializes in private functions and cabaret shows in hotels. 

“He’s one of the kindest guys I know, a more charming man you’ll never meet. He’s the Devil himself!”
Luke Jermay introducing Docc Hilford


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