Welcome to the powerful world of Mentalism!

Mentalism Center gives you a simple guideline so you can properly structure your basis as a future Mentalist.

Craig Browning-An Introduction to Mentalism is a great introduction of the History and other allied arts

Also you can read my book "Birreal" so you can take this paradigm to your performance

The top 5 Mentalism Books 

Take our VideoCourse “Self-Knowledge for Mystery Performers”

Study the "Classics"

You can also get our books to complement your expansion as Mentalist!

And also check constantly our "Latest!" section, so you can be updated with all our releases

Practical tips:

Get a Mentor: Being able to observe someone in this way, it is highly beneficial in  your development (you can take our “Online Mentoring”) 

Surround yourself with positive and constructive people. We have a FB Group called “Mentalism Conversation Community”, join us!

Dont become a “Consumentalist” ! Get new ideas, but be aware that you already have everything that you need in order to become a performer in Mentalism. Less is more.


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