Kenton Knepper

Controversial, Genius, Wizard of Words, Master of Indirect Wonders, Provocative approaches, practical routines and out of the box thinking.

His conceptualizations "Dual Reality", "Instant Stooge", "Indirection" and more are classics of Modern Mentalism and now you can learn them !

An underground impromptu version of "Positive/Negative"

One of the most powerful concepts to apply

A propless act that you can do for any size audience

Connect deeply with your audience

THE original thought-of-card in wallet prediction 

Be credible in the subtle aspects of Mentalism

Out of the box thinking at his best!

One of Kenton´s favorite reading systems

The work that started a new movement in Mentalism

Your participant will know...

No-compromise system from Kenton and Pablo Amira

10 Effects from Kenton and his students

Kenton´s favorite easy-to-do Mentalism


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