What is Mentalism?

(Taken from my book "Simply Mental")

I define Mentalism as the mystery performance art in which the performer (Mentalist) entertains his audience with an act based in interesting mind related abilities.

For me Mentalism is not a “branch of Magic” as one school of thought says, rather they are allied mystery performance art. The same as a painter and a sculptor. They have sometime similar tools, but at the core and the end result is different. For me Mentalism needs to be credible, for that reason I don’t go with astronomical predictions or coincidence effects.
I love being “simple” the approach of Mentalism. By that I took routes that sometimes takes boldness and minimalism. I love being able to create mysteries with simple props, simple well covered methods using most importantly, my own charisma as performer.

For me Mentalism is a way of communication, it is not the end result, rather sometimes just the extra cherry of mystery on top of the complete experience in which the most important is the human to human connection that I want to create with my participant and audiences. At the end of the day, I don’t care if they remember the particular details of the routine, rather they can have a good emotional memory. For this same reason most of my routines doesn’t achieve incredible results in comparison to others, because I don’t like to be incredible. Let me explain this. If we see the etymological root of “incredible” is literally “not credible”, which is something that I don’t explore. I want to create credible experiences of mystery (not a belief in myself as psychic). I want to achieve a memorable, interesting, entertaining, mysterious and amazing moment for my audience. 
A difficult task, nonetheless satisfying when is reached...


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