Bob Cassidy-Mentalism and Mental Magic

 I miss Bob today, so in his honor, enjoy this short video, that can transform your life as a Mentalism student.

So much to reflect about this...

Mentalism and Mental Magic IS different. Mentalism isnt better inherently, but they have conceptual differences that are needed to observe.

Mentalism can be experienced as a performative endeavour in which the reality of the human potential is challenged in a entertaining and powerful way.

If you are interested to go deeper into this matters, I invite you to study his work and also other great of our art such as Richard Osterlind, Kenton Knepper and others which can give you new insights into Mentalism.

Also, if you are interested in personal coaching, you can check our "Online Mentoring" and "Skype Sessions" to start to open your mind to new possibilities and options. 


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