Why Readings?

Most students of Mentalism came from a "Magic Background". They start with some cool card tricks, and then they realize that Mentalism offers new experiences for their audiences, new reactions and responses that are felt in real a different manner.

After learning some Mentalism, what it can be a next step towards new explorations? Well... learning how to create readings is one of them!

So, if you dont know, a "Reading" is a different mysterious dynamic in which the "reader" literally reads the symbolic language from a particular source (Playing Cards, Tarot, Auras, Runes, etc), interpreting the outcome and connecting the present experience with the participant/client different aspects (life, question, etc.)

So...you know good card tricks, you also know some Mental Magic, and even some credible Mentalism...but why learning "Readings", even if you dont want to be seen as a "Reader".

In my opinion there are 3 huge contributions from the world of Readings to Mentalism

1. Readings allow us to understand the importance of cooperation. You just cant do a reading with a participant/client which basically dont want to receive a reading. 
We need in a reading dynamic the active investment of belief from the participant, which is offering the 50% of the energy.

2. Readings allow us to understand that the outer reality is everything. People will not care which "school of thought" in Cartomancy you are applying or in the case of Mentalism, which billet billet technique are you using. The inner reality is not important, only what people perceive in performance.

3. A short moment of readings during your classic Mentalism can offer a new level of mystery experience for your audience and participant. In any card effect, or prediction routine for example you can connect the final prediction with a potential symbolic meaning of the outcome. In this manner you can offer a new value to the entertainment, in which the realism and credibility is much more deeper.

At Mentalism Center we embrace the allied art of Readings in the context of Psychic Entertainment, and in THIS LINK you can enter to a section in which you can check our offerings in this fantastic world.

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