DONT do this: "Zodiac Sign", the new card trick.

(Duh is a fictitious character)

Duh wants to do killer tricks. He wants to do them quickly and really get some attention.
He realize that there is a new trend of different methods to reveal someone´s zodiac signs. He learnt a few and do them with strangers at the bar.

He got great reactions...

What is the mistake in this?

Sounds strange...At Mentalism Center we have several different eProducts that can teach you approaches and routines using "Zodiac Signs" as themes. You can predict them, you can reveal them with props, you can reveal them in propless manners...but there is a growing issue that each of us need to observe in order to NOT fall into the "Duh Frame of Mind".

Playing Cards are elements and a symbol for family games, for fun, for gambling, for Poker and also nowadays for Magic Tricks, which is fine. If you are a Magician doing card tricks, good for you!

If you feel that you are Mentalist but you are still handling playing cards like a Magician...guess what...people will still observe you as a Magician doing tricks and they will not have a space for your to believe in the potential realism of  your performance.

This will happen with "Zodiac Sign" routines if you treat them like card tricks. As performer we have the tendency to offer too much focus in the prop, creating an end goal in it, and not understanding the power of the tool, the secret artifact, the technique, and how to treat it as a PATH to create our goal, which is to entertain, to mystify and in our case, to offer a memorable Mentalism experience.

People wants to enjoy the journey, not just watching as you just run on it and try to impress them with the final destination. If you ask anyone about Zodiac Signs, they will not try to "guess" yours by asking random letters. Sounds crazy right? Well.. thats one of the traps in which we can fall!

People are interested in people. People use Zodiac Signs as a path to understand other. People are interested in checking "compatibility" in couples using the Zodiac Signs, and to create a conversation around potential treats.

YOU CAN DO THAT in a competent manner! You can learn how to do quick and effective readings that you can add into your Mentalism routines, and transform a "zodiac trick" into a real esoteric experience.

A fantastic method that allows you to move your intuition is the beautiful Richard Webster-Psychometry from A to Z, which is available at "Cartomantic Artifacts" 

The revelation of the zodiac sign (it doesnt matter which method you use) is JUST THE BEGINNING. You can utilize that information to continue the path of conversation and mysterious interaction.

Remember, if you treat your performance just like the application of a trick, people will just appreciate that. Is kind of obvious. 

Explore new beauties, REALLY learn about Zodiac Signs and be the performer that your audience and participants deserve.

The revelation of the zodiac sign is just the "mysterious cherry" on top of the fabulous journey of psychic mystery. Dont offer your audiences just a dry cherry please. Engage them, BE interesting, offer them something unique.

We as mystery performers have the ability to transform.
Please, dont transform something inherently mysterious into a trivial trick.

I know that you are different, I know that you want to explore deeper and to offer a quality moment of Mentalism using Zodiac as theme. 


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