Narrative Cartomancy Example?

Some people are asking me an example of the "Narrative Cartomancy" approach to readings that I offer at my new book "Cartomantic Artifacts" 

Well... if you have my book, you know that it doesnt work in that manner sadly. I just cant throw words and create a narrative because it lacks of the most important aspect of the reading...your participant/client.

Readings are about PEOPLE, they are not about the system of the prop that we use. Yes, we need to learn structured systems and methods to allow our interpretations, applied creativity and intuition to flow, but that is just information that becomes meaningless without the active interaction with the person who is read.

I can literally create hundred of different stories with that three-card spread, if you offer me a hundred people to read, thanks to the wonderful application of our creative tools and techniques.

At the "Cartomantic Artifacts" book I have the wonderful opportunity to share the original work from Richard Webster called "Psychometry from A to Z", which is beautiful simple and intuitive (pun intended) technique to allow you to connect with others with different topics and insights. I also offer several of my ideas in this approach to readings that not only will allow you to offer "Narrative Cartomancy" in the strict sense, but also offer classic "Psychic Readings" or mix both approaches as you see fit. I cant offer you a "Narrative Reading" here, but I can teach you how to do create yours with other people! 

As I explain in the book, you dont need to be a reader, or transform yourself into one to create moments of "Narrative Cartomancy". You can continue with your identity as Mystery Performer (Magician, Mentalist, etc...) but add a new value that not only will allow you to connect with others in new ways, but it will facilitate in you new learnings and observations about the appreciation of mystery entertainment.


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