Business Cards are (still) powerful

 Yes, we are in the digital age and for that reason some people can think that business cards are just a thing of the past and now everything is done with our devices, but that cant be further from the truth, especially for us as Mentalists.

Technology is a beautiful aspect of human development, and we need to constantly be able to update our competences, but nothing will beat a physical representation of yourself, your brand and your style.

It is for that reason that I develop a lot of different ideas and uses for them, which are available in "B´Cards" and in my book Simply Mental. We can create memorable written piece that our participant and potential client can treasure.

If you have doubts, I can give you some reasons of why business cards are still a powerful tool (especially for us)!

1. A stack of business card offers you fantastic inherent options for mindreading, prediction systems, natural cribs and more.

2. You can use a single business card for isolated predictions or direct mindreading

3.Having business cards metacommunicates preparation, professionalism and passion for your endeavour.

4. You anchor your brand and overall experience in a kinesthetic manner.

5. Interchange of business cards in networking meeting is still a common and well-observed practice.

and more!

If you want to carry a stack of business cards, I highly recommend you to use our "Arkanosophy Business Card Case" . Imagine if your client ask you for a card and you suddendly show him an ugly rubberband around your cards.

You have only one opportunity to leave a first impression!


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