Mentalism and Blind People

So, as a Psychologist I offer talks and workshops for different human groups, and whenever I see it fit I perform Mentalism to create an entertaining metaphor of the concepts from the event.

Last week I had an interesting event in which several people had different kind of disabilities, and one of them was a blind person.

It was a very interesting experience to facilitate that learning space for such fantastic people, full of inspiring stories, and as a personal challenge I wanted to invite the blind person into a mindreading experience.

What I did?

My routine "2 Thoughts", which I teach in my book "Simply Mental", and in my Penguin Live Lecture

So, if you know the routine, the first participant experience a very interesting (and flexible in thematic terms) mindreading experience, in which your skills as credible performer can shine and let them enjoy a realistic process.

For the 2nd moment (precognitive) moment in the routine, I asked other person to participate.

Another alternative was using my "Solar" routine (also available in "Simply Mental"), but I wanted to involve more people.

Now, let me give you some ideas that can give you better competence in a similar situation:

1. Be sure that your participant didnt born blind. Sadly if this is the case, you can invite him to experience other type of mysterious moment, but you cant ask him to imagine something in a visual level.

2. Be sure that your participant have a sighted trusted person to confirm him the correct written revelation. Maybe in the future I will use Braille writing.

Always, always, value every person by his own personal potential and be respectful in the language used (click HERE for more info) 

Mentalism can connect us with people, it doesnt matter condition, race, or other type of difference. 

Mentalism can allow us to express and create fantastic moments for others. 

Go and do it!


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