Practice and Rehearsal

By definition, a Mentalist is a performer, right? So if you want to achieve effectiveness and dont be just a guy showing off tricks that he learnt, you need to understand basic concepts and ideas regarding theatre and acting, and the topic for today´s reflections is about "Practice" and "Rehearsal". 

As a Psychologist, I also teach this concepts and the differences in my workshops about "Effective Public Speaking" for different human groups in companies and colleagues. It is such an important idea that can really make you understand how to achieve better results without much extra effort.

At his core, "Practice" is constant repetition to achieve improvement. For a musician this means constant repetition until he can do the chord changes in his instrument, for an actor this means the repetition of his script and immersion in the role, and for us as Mentalists, is the proper practice of our inner techniques (billet tears, switches, business card sleights, playing card techniques, etc).

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"Practice makes perfect" ?
No, "Perfect practice is the first perfect step", now comes "Rehearsal"

Now..."Rehearsal" is something very different and alludes to one of our superpowers... which is Imagination. 
Our mind doesnt differentiates imagination and reality, so if you imagine something, your mind will perceive it as real, because it is, and thats a key aspect to understand "Rehearsal".

Rehearsal is far more deep and comprehensive than Practice. In Rehearsal you ARE inside the performance, without your audience, without the interaction BUT your imagination and your attitude MUST be as if you are in front of them. So it is not just practicing while "pattering", but REALLY perform as if you are in front of them.

If you are rehearsing for a "close up" performance, you need to imagine the position of your props, your participant, the proper choreography of actions and all the other VERY important details that most of the time are not proactively observed. 
If you perform onstage, Rehearsal means to actually setup your props, walk in your stage, talking and engaging your complete audience (imagined), to understand staging concepts and principles, etc.

Sadly, several Mentalists dont understand this and their audiences experience their rehearsal. Yes, they can offer a good show being that mediocre, but why not being excellent and develop your potential?

Practicing your techniques, your written script, your subscript and all other aspects in individual manner is relevant of course, but it is nothing without proper Rehearsal. 

Practice in a focused manner. Yes, playing with your props and toys is fun, but if you want to achieve good results, turn off any distraction and really have quality time with that technique. You can do it in bits during your day, but that approach cant be taken with rehearsal, in the same way that you dont perform in separate moments. When you rehearse, do it in one go, again, as you are performing.

It doesnt matter if you are a Social or Professional Performer, it doesnt matter if you get paid for a professional service or you just do it for your own fun and the fun of others, if you are inside this beautiful and delicate art, you must have the discipline to practice and rehearse.

I recommend you to have a performer friend which can observe your rehearsal and give you director´s note. An external observation of different aspects that can be improved that most of the time you just cant see for yourself. If you dont have anyone, just record yourself and share the video with a trusted and competent performer (if you are interested in this, you can take the Online Mentoring or Skype Sessions to improve!)

So, now that you are playing with that new routine (that you learnt from our catalogue of eProducts of course đŸ˜‰) dont only practice them, but invest quality time in rehearse them, imagining that you are with your audience, with your participant, interact with them, waiting for their reply, act as if  you are REALLY with them!

Some people asks how to use a routine for the first time...well... if you rehearse, the "first time" will not be the first time, because previous the "public performance" you did actually several "rehearse performance" using your super imagination, and remember...your imagination is real.

So now, you dont have excuses to be mediocre. 
Practice, Rehearse, have fun and let others experience a wonderful Mentalism experience!


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