The Mind is FUN !


Why are you creating monotone, plain, unenergetic moments for your audiences?

One of the key factor, which several public speakers, teachers, facilitators and entertainers can agree is that you need to provide ENTHUSIASM to whatever you are offering to your audience.

If you do this in a conscious manner, they will FEEL your passion as soon as you arrive to stage...

Are you passionated about Mentalism and Performance?

If you want to be passionated, work hard, play hard, talk with others that are in the same explorations and HAVE FUN!

The mind is an inherently mysterious place, and we are blessed to be able to explore those areas. WE NEED TO COMMUNICATE THIS IN AN ENTHUSIASTIC MANNER.

From the first moment that your audience perceive you, you need to clearly communicate that you love what you do, that you love them and you love to be there to perform.

Why so many Mentalists are boring?

Because they believe the lie that "seriousness" equals monotone performance, boring attitude, and basically everything that we hate about the classic system of education.
Yes, in the past some performers did lectures about ESP and sometimes we unconciously think that, in order to create credibility we need to over-communicate our "expertice".

We can still reach that, offering a fun, entertaining and memorable performance.

Fun equals laughs? Not at all... Yes, comical moments are needed, especially if your act has deep and heavy moments, but entertainment is so much more than just some laughs. Entertainment is about offering them a new space of reality, about move their senses, move their thoughts and emotions, and again, we have so much opportunities with Mentalism, that I found hilarious that the worst part of Mentalism most of the times are us as performers.

Do you know Andre Rieu?

He took a potential boring and highly intellectual artform (classical music) and created a new style of entertainment.

Do you know Walter Lewin?

He is a Physics Teacher... and he does one of the best classes ever...
Most people will find Physics or any science full of boring maths and plain moments... well... he changed the game.

Do you know Bob Ross?

He took his passion and he shared with millions of people, with his gentle, kind and soft pace. After watching him, I WANT to paint! It looks so easy.

Do you see the point in here?

Offer fun, powerful entertainment using the mind and the fantastic abilities that you exhibit in performance and please, share your passion with your audiences.

BE enthusiastic, be authentic and offer something unique.


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