Quote of the Week: Richard Osterlind

One of the living legends in Mentalism, prolific author and creator offers us this wonderful and bold statement in this interview 

It doesnt matter the context or the conversation that you are having, defend your truth with respect (as he did in the podcast). You can talk with others while having different opinions about this matters, and especially if you consider yourself a Mentalist, have a proper opinion based in your own perspectives and style.

I highly recommend you to listen the complete interview to understand Richard phrase and his perspective about ESP and Mentalism.

Personally, I believe in the potential and the expansion of the essence of the human mind...why not?
Maybe it is not about the "supernatural" but a new understanding of the natural.

Almost all of my friends and colleagues in the arts can agree with me with the fact that sometimes really weird events just happens without our conscious control. Maybe as soon as we open to the idea, we can enter to new levels of realism, because we are really doing it for real without need of inner methods.

My recommendation for you is to just play without expectations about the use of real ESP or Intuition in your acts, maybe you will be surprised and you will be able to communicate a highly realistic performance even when you are using just Mentalism methods.

As a side note, I know Richard personally, I saw him performing and lecturing and let me tell you that when you see him, you are not only seeing a master of the mind, but also a REALLY humble and nice person (rare combination of attributes)

Get his work and support him at https://osterlindmysteries.com/store/ , we need more creators like him in Mentalism 


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