Quote of the Week: Bob Cassidy

This is one of the wonderful thoughts from Bob Cassidy body of work. Especifically you can find this line from his eBook "Fundamentals" or in physical form as "Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy Vol 2: Fundamentals". 

If you dont have them, please go and get them, it is one of the essentials.

One of the most powerful highlights in Bob´s focus in Mentalism was in "Credibility", and I think that every day we must remember this to create powerful Mentalism for others, and that credibility must come from a genuine place within ourselves.

Some mystery performers are too worried about the "deception" (I hate that word in this context) of our acts, but I offer you a new question... 

It is not a deception as well to communicate themes and ideas that you really dont know nothing about it? Or create phenomena in which you dont believe?

Who cares if the inner reality is different from the outer reality? Our co-created outer reality from the performance must come from a place in your mind and heart that offers real personal value, and not just "acting".

If you use telepathy in your performance, really study about it and create your own opinion about the plausibility of it.

If you use intuition, really experiment with it (you will be very surprised)

If you enjoy the use of "NLP" in your performance, please, REALLY learn about it and not just offer a mask of empty superficialities. It is probable that after your performance someone can think that you are a fraud not because you have "tricks", but because you really don knot what you are talking about.

If you want to cement ideas that your audience can perceive as real (and thats the idea, right?), feel your ideas as real.

So...you just cant copy that performance that you saw in that popular TV show? 
If you want to be a mediocre Mentalist...sure, do it!

But, if you are in the path of excellence, take all your performances pieces and realize how credible they are. If they are not, study them and write them in a way that you can be credible with them.

Maybe there are Mentalism pieces that you just cant do. If you dont have proper training, you cant do Q&A, and I dont care which method do you use to know the information. If people cant see you as someone who really can answer questions about the future, you will do just an incredible trick.

If you cant create a realistic moment of telepathy with other, people will try to understand the reality just perceived, and they will go into the logical aspects of it and create a potential solution that will break the mystery (that you saw the paper, that you have a special bluetooth pen, etc...)

Start with one piece at a time, polish it in a way that you will be able to offer your audience a credible mystery. 

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Thanks Bob for all your wonderful work. 
In each performance that I do, you appear as a reflection 


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