Quote of the Week: Tony Andruzzi

The wonderful, bizarre and mysterious Tony Andruzzi remind us this week to open our perception in our performance.

Yes, performance is a present event, fully experiences in live situations, but we need to be conscious about the permanency of our acts in the minds of our audiences.  We are also creating memories for our audiences futures. We are creating stories that can be mold, can be transformed into legends.

Recently someone approach me in gratitude, remembering his experience in performance, and how the piece in which he participated (he was thinking in a dream) is still present in his mind and heart. He kept the business card in which he wrote his dream, and he watches this daily to transform his dream into a goal.

How beautiful is that?

Dont explain too much, let people figure out the right ideas. If your audiences, after the demonstrations, start to think about HOW you did it, you just present puzzles, but if they start to reflect WHY you did it and they start to contemplate the personal affect (and not just the effect) you can elongate the mysterious experience far beyond the hour that you shared with them.

Your performance can last a lifetime!

Personally, I dont pretend to create "believers" in my perspectives in mystery, in the mind or anything that I want to share as narrative and theme in performance, but Tony´s words are very precious for me because gave us the option to re-understand what we do in a deeper level, waking people up from the daily normal life.

Your Mentalism is not just a entertaining moment. It can be just that if you want, no problem, but if you want to expand the possibilities and impact others in manners that you cant even imagine, reflect about this idea from the wonderful Father of Bizarre.


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