Hey! Do Something...

 “Hey! Do Something…”  

Such a classic line that I can predict with confidence that you received.  We are Mentalists, right? Performers that can offer an entertaining and interesting moment sharing a mind mystery.  

What can we do?  In an obvious way, we can actually perform one piece from our repertoire or reject that command. 
 If you know about effective communication, you know then that words are just a small portion of the human basic interaction. 

So, that line “…do something..” can be received in various ways.  The most important idea that I can offer you in this is to just be sensible enough to discern the emotion that this line encloses.
 It is a line full of challenge? 
Real desire to experience a memorable moment? 

 If you feel that this is just a challenge to “put you on the spot”, dont perform. 
Mentalism is a co-creation, a collaborative dynamic and you will just enter to a win-lose situation if you enter to this moment.  

“I am not in tune now to perform, sorry, lets keep our conversation…” 
“No thanks, I already perform today and I am Little bit tired really..”  

Anyone that offers a rejection but with your own syle. Never say just “NO”. If you offer a reason, even when that reason is not “logically” potent, it is much more effective (Cialdini-Because Principle).

You are not a "trick monkey". Dont be like those performers that just do tricks for the sake of it. If you agree to all situations without proper understanding, you will offer Mentalism that feels artificial, without a sensation of realism and exclusivity.

Find your own ways to offer importance to what you do.

Recently one of the members of the "Online Mentoring" asked me: "Pablo, what can I do regarding hecklers?"
He is a Social Performer, and my reply was: "Just dont perform for them until THEY are ready"

Maybe you are, but that participant with the challenge attitute and desire of superiority just doesnt have the proper state of mind to full enjoy Mentalism.

Just dont do it, but communicate that in an assertive and kind manner.

But, you want to perform for the reason that motivates you, what can I do? 

 The motivations are personal and depends in your own status as Mentalist (Social or Professional). 
If you are a social performer, you enjoy to interact with others with your alleged abilities, and if you are a Professional you have the extra area of business and networking. 

 As you can see, the “What?” is not that important in contrast to the “Why?” 

  Some people enjoy to carry their own props to perform in daily situations, others enjoy to perform in an “Anywhere Mentalism” format (borrowed props, no prop preparation). Whichever is your choice, my recommendation for you is to always be able to perform.

Not always perform, but always be ready if the opportunity emerges.

'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!'

So, if you want to ideas about "What?" to perform, you will have an endless (and pointless) conversation. Thats because only YOU will know which pieces to prepare for those situations.

Yes, we have a lot of different options at Mentalism Center that you can explore.

Again, it is not that important which one, but the inner motivation that you find in doing that piece. 
Mindreading? A synchronicity experience? A prediction?
Using cards, using a pendulum, borrowed items?

Your communicational and aesthetic choice, depending your own identity as performer.

So, next time you hear that phrase, be ready to perform if you feel like it.


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