Quote of the Week: Bill Montana

Bill Montana is one of the most misunderstood characters in Mentalism today.
I met him online several years ago (and in person while I did my Penguin Lecture in Columbus Ohio), offering some of his early works, and from the beginning I understood that he had an incredible background, full of ideas, techniques and secrets that although I didnt understand fully at the time, I knew that value was present.

And I was not wrong. Nowadays I can comprehend in a better manner his fantastic, out of the box and powerful ideas.

The quote from the graphic comes from his own Penguin Lecture, which you can see that has several mixed reviews, most of them with low ratings (by the way, get his Lecture, it is full of gems)

I admire Bill, because I know that he knew that this would happen. Sadly the state of the art of Magic (and Mentalism sometimes) is very poor in depth, and the lack of respect and understanding of the mystical roots is now mainstream.
It is not needed to take a metaphysical path perse at all, (be congruent with your identity and style) , but denying that we have a past full of esoterism, symbolism, and concepts that are beyond "tricks" is just being mediocre and ignorant.

We are the responsible ones to move Mentalism to new levels in which we can appreciate different allied arts, that can complement the realism of the experience that we can create, and Bill does REAL work for sure.

Energies, subtle moments that really construct the idea that you are actually doing what you say, because you are!

Lets take a classic example of his work: Mystic Orb.

You can actually let other person FEEL a ball of energy!

The method is completely impromptu, gaffless and propless, but this is not the most important. The most important is that Bill offer us a "open-eye" technique to understand why, in real esoteric circles, they can feel energies.

Again, you are doing what you claim. Both the inner reality and outer reality are in complete harmony. 

How beautiful is that ? There is no "deception", just some extra information that people dont know, and you just camouflage during the experience. 

The quote that I offer in the graphic, comes especifically from a moment in which he start to give away some of his hand-made props, but it is a beautiful principle that we can apply in performance.

It is a simple idea and a powerful one that we can also see in the Hermetic Principles. If you want something, visualize it but also ACT accordingly.

Move, be persistent, follow your passion and DONT expect results.
We can desire, but we dont have everything in control. Just do and be grateful of what happens.

This frame of mind also is important in Mentalism. We just cant expect to have always the same results every time (how boring!)
Sometimes it will work in a way, sometimes it will work in other.

Just use everything that happens towards your end goal, which is to mystify others with the power and mysteries of the mind.

Have a wonderful week!


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