Quote of the Week: Max Maven

Lets start this new week with a wonderful piece of inspiration from one of the greatest mystery performers and creators, Max Maven.

Miracle /ˈmɪrək(ə)l/
an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.

As you can read, the word "Miraculous" is repeated twice, so we can understand that for Max, Mentalism has to have that characteristic of being something unique, something that defies all logics and opens a new experience of understandings and questions.

Yes, we are blessed to be part of such wonderful art and craft. Be responsible about this and dont be the person that trivialize Magic or Mentalism. If you are a Magician and you use a "Magic Wand", really study the symbolism of that tool and dont do that "Broken Wand" gag or something like that. 

You are a Magic Maker, not a Magic Destroyer, right?

For a Mentalist, it is sad to see so many trying to create "Mindreading" when in reality they dont even believe in the experience that they are "creating". As a Mentalist, you dont need to personally believe in PSI phenomena, but at least, when performing, let others experience that. If not, whats the point of you performing Mentalism?

When doing a mindreading piece, offer an "outer reality" that can let people really experience something unique and real, not just a trick that pretends to do that.

A Magician does Magic.
A Mentalist does Mentalism.
 Tricks are for tricksters. 

Puzzle /ˈpʌz(ə)l/
1.(someone) to feel confused because they cannot understand something.  
2. a game, toy, or problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge.

Mentalism is not a Puzzle. If people, after your show, are only focus into the logical/rational aspects of your performance, you need to re-observe what you are doing. Maybe it is because your lack of narrative in your script, or your incongruence as performer, but something is missing and it is our responsibility to offer and excellent moment of mystery, not just a puzzle.

Competent Mentalism is Miraculous, Competent Mentalism is Mysterious.

A Puzzle is a logical endeavour, a Mystery is not just that, but an emotional one. A Mystery Piece must be carefully created for us so dont only breaks the daily reality, but also offers a clear emotional experience.

If you think about it, our Mental Mysteries (and good Magic) can offer a micro-expression of our reality in the universe. We are in the middle of a mystery. Science tries to understand it, Art tries to observe it as beautiful.

Lets be the ones that can offer to people not just confusion, but a little bit of light through our Miracles.

Dont "fool people", instead show them how wonderful the mysteries are and at the end, how wonderful THEY are.

Love your audience, and create Competent and Miraculous Mentalism.

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Have a wonderful week! 


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