What we can learn about: Kreskin-Card Calling

Kreskin is truly amazing, for several reasons.
I saw him this year in Philadelphia (twice) and let me tell you that he is unique and mystifying.

Lets learn a few interesting aspects that we can apply in performance. Again, core methods in here doesnt matter, lets focus in the most important aspects of performance, the ones that are the true secrets.

First of all, notice his casual but truly polished script. I saw this routine live (twice) and he follows the same structure of his narrative. In that aspect alone you can feel true professionalism, his script is so rehearse, that he can improvise. Always remember that the best improvisation is the one that you rehearse. 

Playing Cards have inherent themes, one of themes is obviously card games. Notice how he explictly says this, to create relevance and meaning to his demonstration. He is not just naming card because he knows how, but he leaves the door open to fantasies about cheating at cards using "Kreskin-esque" powers and other opportunities that people would love to have.

Also you can see how the handle his shuffle at the beginning. People are not stupid, and they can see our actions. Dont say "I will shuffle the cards now..." while you do it. People can see that you are doing it and offering that action into a more indirect manner allows you to communicate in a better manner the idea that the deck is shuffle.

If you put much attention to something, it is because it is important. You have the power of words, use it wisely.

The idea to reference other people, a big experiences is classic Kreskin script. If this fits your style do it! It is a powerful tool to use aphorism or "quotes" from other people, as Kenton teaches us in "Wonder Words" 

As soon as the demonstration of Remote Viewing starts, he doesnt explictly say "Now, focus in the cards because I will try to see thru your eyes..." blablabla

Again, people is not stupid. If you are to explicit, you lose a lot of subjective potential. Let people understand however they want.

They can understand the idea that you are reading her mind, that you are watching in real time through her eyes, or other phrasing. He is Kreskin, and he does marvelous things with the power of the mind.

As soon as the revelations start, realize how he doesnt just reveal the WHAT (the cards) but also the HOW (real time mindreading). If you do mindreading in this manner, it not also creates deeper drama and mystery, but also can even serve as an indirect cancellation. People can say after "I can get how he knew the cards, but how he know that she was watching at that moment that precise card!"

Thats the idea, to let people do the cancellations for you.

You can feel that this routine is really part of his master repertoire. Take some routines that you love and work them as much as you can. You dont need to do more, but always is good to do better. 

At the end, always give your participant onstage some love from yourself and guide the applause for him/her as well. Without your participant, you are not a Mentalist.

Thanks Kreskin for everything! 


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