Quote of the Week: David Hoy

This week, lets receive inspiration from the wonderful Bold Master David Hoy!

This quote comes from his classic work "The Bold and Subtle Miracles of Dr. Faust", which you can get as printed booklet and also as eBook in HERE

David was one of the first Mentalist who understood in an explicit manner not only the value that we can receive in being "Bold" (a highly missunderstood concept that we can observe in other moment) but also the value of simplicity, which is his first fundamental in his "Bold Approach" Manifesto.

In modern times, we need to really do a conscious effort in observing something "simple" as something positive. The classic line "Simple but powerful" is a clear example of that. NEVER say that again! 

In psychology we know that the word "but" can diminish concepts.

"I love your act but you need to work in your script"

You dont feel the love, right? Is far more powerful and effective to say in that case:

"I love your act AND to improve it, I invite you to re-observe your script, maybe in some spaces you can kill the dead-time. I can help you if you need"

(by the way, if you want coaching with your scripts, be sure to check the Online Mentoring)

 Kenton teaches this wonderful principle also in his classic Wonder Words.

So, from now say "Simple AND Powerful"

Observe your routines and try to take off everything that is not necessary. , unnecessary complications, 

We can observe simplicity in our two realities. From the Inner Reality that we experience, take off the unnecessary sleights, unnecessary complications, unnecessary expensive fragile gimmicks, anything that can overcomplicate things, and add just the necessary and essentials.

From the Outer Reality, take off any unnecessary words, mannerisms, and add necessary interactions and powerful moments.

In my repertoire, I have one approach to the "Haunted Key" that only use one line of script! 

So again, search for simplicity in everything that you do in performance. Go Minimal and realize that YOU are the source of power, not your tricks.

As you can see, in David´s quote he also mention "subtle", which is other great aspect that we can see in his work. A clear example is his "Bold Book Test". It is one of the greatest book test, completely ungimmicked, impromptu and very powerful in the correct hands. The moment in which you execute the core method is just a split second, completely natural and flowing.

Other example, which is highly underused, is his "A Nervy Switcher" (which you can modify to modern times with a Sharpie, if you know it, you will understand).
You just take a piece of paper with the clip and you hand it to someone to hold it without never touching it, and you switch it! Subtle, Simple and Practical.

Another fascinating aspect of this particular book from David is the fact that everyone has the right to change his mind. He says in his ninth fundamental that "...dont tell the dear public that you can read minds...", and as you might know, in his latest years, he was known as Psychic, teaching others how to develop ESP (which is fine and valid, of course).

The point with this is simple: Believe what you believe with passion but also realize that tomorrow can be different. 

Have a wonderful and simple week!


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