Quote of the Week-Enrique Enriquez

If you dont know him, Enrique Enriquez was a member of Kenton-S.E.C.R.E.T. School and "Tarot Reader" and Modern Poet nowadays, full of a one of a kind sensibility, genius mind and provocative ideas.

This quote comes from his documentary "Tarology", which you can watch in here

I truly believe the validity of this quote not only for Tarot Readings and studies, but also in Mentalism. 

What is intelligence?

We know now that intelligence is multi-dimensional, and there are "Multiple Intelligences" as Howard Gardners says. Personally, in my past, several persons (teachers mostly) treat me as dumb for some particular situations. And they were right!

I am dumb for some things, and it is a good trait to embrace and to know, and regarding this conscious state of mind that we can achieve to approach our art, I feel that Enrique is telling to us is that we need to just contemplate, turn off any egotistical knowledge and expertise that we might have, and always remind ourselves that we dont know nothing.

What!? I dont want to be dumb!

Remember that the first card in the Tarot Journey is "The Fool"

Be dumb, be innocent, let wonder and mystery occur.
Shut down your pre-conceptions and experience the moment as unique.

Have a wonder-full and dumb new year my dear friend!


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