Quote of the Week: Luca Volpe

This week, we have  my friend and amazing colleague Luca Volpe, The Italian Mentalist!

This quote comes from his book "Emotional Mentalism", which you can buy in HERE

The idea to add "emotion" to Mentalism is not a new endeavour of course, but Luca was one of the first ones to explicitly mention it, coining the term "Emotional Mentalism", which is highly missunderstood sometimes as "crying" moments, or routines that just talk about deep themes that are so deep that most people just drown.

If you are a male performer with an "occidental" culture ( as I am originally) , you are confronted into an interesting challenge. Our concept of the mind is associated with rationalism, pragmatism, materialism, practical thoughts...everything "male". We can see, in a simplistic manner, that emotions have nothing to do with all this concepts. Emotions are bad, emotions are weakness, emotions at the end are "female".

I dont judge, and I understand each personal decision, but we need to be aware that there is another beautiful perspective of the "mind". The mind is not just thoughts, but the mind is everything and a beautiful combination of the visible but also the invisible. Thoughts AND Emotions.
The "mind" is not the brain. The mind is inmaterial and integral. 

This is not about "methaphysical sh*t" at all, but a real openness and deep understanding of reality. If you want to keep your reality as just dualistic and pragmatic, is fine of course,  but if you want more, there is more!

And this is what Emotional Mentalism is about. Not only integrating deeper themes to your routines, but also acting congruently.

In this book Luca offers routines and experiences using crystals, energy, astral projection and more. Obviously you dont just add this routines to your act, but you really need to study those sciences, so you can really treat them with proper respect and appreciation.

We are, as humans, emotional beings. We are not rational entities with emotions, but we are emotional entities with rational thoughts. 

We use your thoughts to motivate our emotions, not in reverse, and that simple psychological and biological truth shows as as performers that we need FIRST to move peoples emotions, then their own thoughts. In Mentalism we move belief first, and if we reach that level, our participant and audience thoughts and rational ideas will certify the emotional experience.

People dont want just information, but inspiration. People want to EXPERIENCE a new moment, not just to be in a lecture.

Move people, focus in their emotions and enjoy a new manner to approach your Mentalism.

Have an emotional week!


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