Quote of the Week: Max Malini

He carried a prop case about the size of an attache case. He rang the doorbell of a mansion in NYC where he was booked to perform at a party. The host answered the door. Max said, "I'm Max Malini." 
The host, seeing only the little case, asked, "Mr. Malini! Where is your show?" Max replied, "I am the show!" 

This week we have a short and sweet new quote (XMas time!) from the legendary Magician Max Malini.

How powerful is to understand that it is not the quantity of gimmicks that you own, the ultimate electronic gadget that you have or other external factor. 

YOU are the secret!
YOU are the initial responsible in bringing all the power in your performance.
Methods are secondary, the size of your case doesnt matter.

YOU are the ultimate Minimalism.

"I am the show" is not the same as "I am the star". Your audience at the end is the most important entity in the interaction. Dont let your EGO fool you.

Remember this quote during this week, study your repertoire and work hard not just in your mechanical practice, but also in a powerful rehearse that accentuates that YOU are the driven force towards a successful performance.

Merry Xmas to YOU (and your loved ones)


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