Quote of the Week: Dale Carnegie

This week, a wonderful human truth from the master author Dale Carnegie.

If you dont know him or his wonderful books, stop whatever you are doing now! His classic "How To Win Friends and Influence People" is a must for any Mystery Performer (and any person), but especially important for the particular quote that I share with you today.

In Mentalism we have the tendency to rationalize everything. The mind is the brain, right?
Rational thoughts, dry information.


The mind is everything, and we as human beings, as Dale says, are creatures of emotion. 
We justify out rational actions with our emotions, not in reverse. Think about it in your own life.

We need to be conscious about this fact in our macro approach to performance and also in the micro approach to each routine that we do. 
If people "feel" that something happens (due your lack of rehearse), it doesnt matter if you have the most expensive electronic gimmick, you will not create a true Mentalism Ambiance. It doesnt matter if people dont know, in a logical manner, what is your core method, if something feels wrong, it just feels wrong.

For this reason I dont use "justifications" in my routines, but I always try to understand in a deeper manner the motivations (which are emotional in essence) of my act, the each routine that I select and every action and word that I use in my script.

On the "Online Mentoring" program we talk about this paradigm in performance, and much more!

Reflect about this during your week and let me know anything that you need.

Have a wonderful week winning friends and influencing people!


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