Quote of the Week: Tony Andruzzi

This week, we invoke the presence and the power of the master Bizarrist Tony Andruzzi.

This quote was taken from this wonderful conversation. PLEASE read it.

(as you can see, I took the license to adapt some of the words)

These are bold statements, and for that reason I love them.

Think and reflect about those ideas and be aware in how you feel about them. Maybe you dont agree fully, and that is ok! But, why? Do you really have a reason? Or you stick with you belief just by fear?

The first Andruzzi Rule, for me, does not allude to the idea that we MUST be in character always, but to realize that we ARE the channel of mystery, and we must be able to offer others a special moment of mental mystery if we feel that is the correct act to do. For this reason it is imperative to have impromptu and "anywhere" material (borrowed and unprepared props). If you need more ideas about this topic, you can study my work, especially the eBook "Anywhere Mentalism" and the book Simply Mental

BE a mystery performer 24/7 is not about defending yourself of people that "want to see a trick", but truly be able to move others with your performance, for that reason it is important to create a conscious understanding of the moment. That conscious understanding will allow you to select the best piece to perform in that situation.

Just one piece, one routine that you properly practice and rehearse, can offer them not just entertainment, but maybe, something more. 

Dont do too much. Do less, and you will create more impact.

The 2nd Andruzzi Rule it is a very interesting one regarding the audience size, and although I cant see that this idea fits all situations, I understand the feeling. Our performance must be felt exclusive, a boutique experience. One believable miracle is far more impactful that a "show", that your audience can understand in a subconscious manner that is prepared, scripted and "an act", with spontaneity.

This is the reason of why close up performances moves people in a deeper level. There is no stage, no microphone, just a few centimeters of distance, still the mystery appears. 
With this I dont want to dismiss all my friends and colleagues that work in big stages at all, but to understand impact as a limited energy that we must manage with care depending of the situation.

If you have a big stage show soon, be sure to have this idea in your mind, so you can impact as much people as possible.

The 3rd Andruzzi Rule it is my favorite of this tri-fecta, and alludes to our acts and the responsibility that we have. WE are the ones that can offer deep mysteries to others. Yes, mystery is part of every art, but our center and focus is that essential human experience. 
Yes, we can entertain people, letting them have a good time, but we can do much more, depending our personal goals of course.

What are your goals in performance?
How do you feel that you can shake other person sense of reality?

Let this three Andruzzi Rules be in your mind this week, and enjoy!


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