Review: Max Maven Live Act

Penguin Live Act is a new format that I am sure that you know now, and I am glad that Penguin took this routine. It is very important to educate our community not just in new methods and creative presentations, but also in the understanding of your message through your act, and this is created in a fantastic manner in this format, and especially with this lecture.

I read some people that dont like this new offering from Max, because they find the methods boring, "not new"...etc....

They miss the point, for real.

The routines are very good, they work, yes...they use lo-tech methods, simple approaches and classic techniques, AND THATS GOOD!

A simple to understand act, with dramatic in-cressendo, great opportunities of personalization, packs very small and allows you to connect with an audience predicting thoughts and readings minds.

I find value in the routines but most important, in the live performance and the subtle aspects that Max discusses with Dan at the explanation portion.

Do yourself a favor, and get this !


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