How to use Anagrams?

Progressive Anagrams, Branching Anagrams or just Anagrams , are a valuable tools in anyone´s repertoire.

This is one of the methods in Mentalism that I consider "fragile" due the delicacy that the performer must have in the use of it. If you dont do it in an excellent way, you have high risk to transform a potential fantastic Mentalism experience in just a letter-trick.

How to use Anagrams then?

Well, we can observe that questions from various angles.

First of all, study all potential sources and ideas that you can find regarding the subject. Thats the reason that one of your "Categories" in Mentalism Center is actually "Anagram Mentalism". Be sure to check all our offerings.

You will see that different authors have different contributions to the art of using Anagrams. Some focus in the creative aspect of the central theme to use, how to apply the needed procedure and transform into an interesting and realistic process (which is fundamental) and others in practical techniques to use this method.

If you have any problems in memorizing your Anagrams, let me give you the best way to do it.


As simple as that. 

Yes, you can have written cribs, digital cribs in your phone and practice it daily, you can create cool mnemonic techniques, but nothing beats the actual real-world use of your method.

If you are a professional performer, find creative ways to apply Anagram Mentalism in your performances. If you do walkaround, a Zodiac Sign Revelation can work perfect as a quick opener while connecting with your participant. If you are a casual performer and you are waiting for any service in a boring office, just open a conversation with someone and invite him into an interesting mysterious dynamic.

So, connect in an human manner with that person, and then apply this line:

"I know that sounds strange, but I am practicing my mindreading skills, do you want to play a cool imaginary game?"

As you can read, this is a perfect line. It is intriguing and most important, sincere. You ARE practicing your mindreading skills. 

Then you can go with any routine that you desire to share with your participant. You can do "Solar" (which is available at NADA eBook or in my Simply Mental Book), you can go also with "ImagiSign" (which is an Anagram based in drawings instead of words) or any other routine that you have in your repertoire.

Because this core method is basically propless, it demands proper conversational and overall communicational skills. Be prepared, read as much as you can about the art of being an effective communicator and be the channel of mystery with your words and your enchanting being.

How to transform a potential "letter-trick" into a wonderful Mental Miracle?
It is YOUR responsibility to understand the Outer Reality that your participant can perceive. Let every moment be motivated in a natural manner. Each "negative" reply is not negative perse. People WILL react as you react, so if you dont feel them as "mistakes", people will assume that this is just the way in which the dynamic goes.

Transform "NO" into an interesting event which can even reveal more about the participant.

If for example you are revealing the month of birth, and you reveal a letter which is not in the participant´s month of birth  you can add:

"Ohh...thats interesting and this tells me that you are a person kind of different in a way that most people that are born in your particular month and in your zodiac sign. You read sometimes the horoscope and you feel that you dont fit, and thats precisely because you like to think differently from time to time...

Remember, everything is feedback. There are no mistakes. The only mistake is that YOU consider the feedback a mistake.

So, learn new routines, practice and rehearse the ones that you know and  share your routines with the world, one letter at a time!


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