Quote of the Week: James Randi

This week, we receive inspiration from the famous Magician and Skeptic James Randi.

We can find wisdom and new ideas for our life everywhere. We dont need to agree fully with someone to be open, right?

And this quote alludes also to this idea. There is a big miss-conception about being "open-minded" in new ways of understanding reality, and several people in the metaphysical world are just searching for new experiences with so much effort, that they just believe in anything, and that is not appropriate for a healthy life for sure. We know that in every place we can find charlatans, liars and frauds, and in the esoteric/psychic world it is not exception.

In serious mystery schools, skepticism is a great value to have. Real Magic demands your rational mind to be activated, without a doubt.

Dont be polarized to think that in order to be open to metaphysical realities, you must leave all rationalizations behind. That cant be further from the truth.

Be a healthy skeptic, leave all arrogance behind. Science is powerful and beautiful, but the classic approach to it has inherent flaws that sadly most scientist and most science-fans dont consider (if you are interested in a deeper manner about this, study the work of Humberto Maturana and Heinz Von Foster, the father of the Second‐order Cybernetics and the Epistemology of the o¡Observer)

Embrace polarities, accept the IV Hermetic Principle and be a healthy skeptic towards new understandings.

Everyone has the right to be incorrect, everyone has the right to change his mind. Assuming that you are in a mistake is not big deal, but not reflecting about your present state is the most sad situation in which we can be.

If you believe that the physical and science is all there is, you are in your right of course, but be open to accept that maybe you are incorrect.

Dont be angry about people with different point of views about reality and psychic phenomena. Be humble, understand that each person has their own way to see their own life and that your point is as valid as theirs.

Open your mind, but never deny your wonderful ability to think.
Create a filter with your thinking, reflect, and let your mind/heart be open.

Dont believe in everything, dont let your brain leak, but be open to new understandings.

Whats is not knowing at the present time is just unknown, not false per se.
Our limits of understandings are not the limits of what we can understand.

Who knows, maybe there are supernatural realities. 
Maybe not.
Science has proof for both sides. 
Maybe science is not the only way to understand...

Have a great week! 


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