Quote of the Week: Jorge García (The Jack)

Jorge  (aka The Jack) was one of my closest friends in Mentalism. He was a fantastic Mystery Performer from Argentina, which did wonderful pieces of Magic, Mentalism and Hypnosis, member of the new movement of Latinoamerican performers.

Sadly, he left us almost two years ago, but the wonderful thing about the mind is that we can experience someone, not in a physical form of course, but in an emotional and mental one. 

He left us a wonderful legacy of elegance, solid Mentalism ideas, and we can learn a lot from him, and in this "Quote of the Week" we will observe a fantastic line from one of his routines.

I will not tell you which routine this line comes from (that is not important), but what is important is the dramatic effect that these words have.

If you read that line without context, it can sound a little bit arrogant, but in the context of the routine, he uses the word "impossible" several times as running-line, so at the moment of the revelation, he focus the "impossibility" factor in failing, not in doing the apparent impossible for normal people.

It is a beautiful moment that you can appreciate both as performer and as a member of the audience. It creates tension, drama and let you understand who is the person onstage. Confident, mysterious and elegant.
You can sense that his words were rehearsed, and that alone let people understand the quality of the performer.

That is the reason why you just can copy other performers lines. YOU are most important context of the words and communicative acts that you have, then your routines. 
If you see other performer and you heard some wonderful lines, be conscious about this. For this reason it is essential to go deeper into self-knowledge (especially for beginners) and understand WHO ARE YOU and more specifically, WHO ARE YOU ON STAGE (if you want to go further in these topics, I suggest you our "Online Mentoring" programs) 

Could you imagine Derren Brown using a line from Neal Scryer?
Of course not, because they are VERY different.

Be inspired from others, dont copy. Found ways to apply the principles from different communicational aspects that you can see in other´s performances and apply them into your work as translator. Translate them into your own language.

Be unique, explore your own ways, work hard and have play hard!

Jorge, my friend, thanks for the reminder. 

Have an awesome and impossible week!


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