Someone tried to scam me

Arkanosophy is the sub-division of Mentalism Center that offers you a boutique of quality practical tools for your repertoire.

More than clever gimmicks, gadgets and toys, our mission is to offer real world props, precious objects, pendulums and ritualistic tools. 

Sadly, recently I had a terrible experience with a customer (I cant refer now as friend sadly...). He tried to scam me, opening Paypal claims about his orders, saying that he did not received what I was offering, that my products are low quality, and even lying about my online presence (saying that I was using other name).

At Arkanosophy, I manage every order (myself, Pablo Amira, the Chilean Mentalist), I create the pendulums that you are buying, and everything else has a quality standard that is filtered through my passion in Mentalism.
 Everything that I offer are real world quality tools that I use in my professional repertoire.

If you have any issues, questions, problems, please, just contact me and I will do my best to offer you the best service possible. 

More than a business for me, this is a beautiful creative endeavour, in which I serve the community of Mystery Performers around the world. 
Lets have a good relation and overall, good dual experience


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