Dont read PME !


Pablo, are you crazy? 

Practical Mental Effects (or Practical Mental Magic for the Dover guys), is a classic book for any beginner Mentalist, right?

As a matter of fact, I recommend it in my "Top 5" (by the way I will do a new video about this soon)

So, why I am saying this?

Because I want you to go BEYOND
Dont just do what is necessary for you. Do more, and you will get more

Practical Mental Effects is an extract, made by Max Holden, from the monumental work from our grandfather Annemann "The Jinx"

So, my recommendation, dont just read PME, but read "The Jinx".

Read between the lines, read those routines that are not "appealing" in first impressions, maybe you will find a true gem that can be more powerful than the latest gimmick in the marketplace.

But Pablo...I dont have money to buy "The Jinx" (which you can get in here)
Well, save some money ($15 is not that much if you start to invest wisely) and in the meantime you can read PMM as first step in HERE for FREE 

So, go beyond, explore the classic, study with passion so you can become a better Mentalist each day!


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