Quote of the Week: Alain Nu

This week, we reflect on this beautiful and succinct line of wisdom from the modern Man Who Knows, Alain Nu.

This quote comes from his video project with Penguin Magic called "Nu Collection", which I highly recommend.

A classic topic of discussion in the theme of readings are ethics and the possibility of taking advantage of people. Professional ethic is not just an issue for anyone doing Readings, but for every profession. As you might know, I am a psychologist as well as a Mentalist, and we have ethics, which are not always respected by colleagues.

See? It is not just an issue for readers.

I know that not everyone is interested in readings as a Mentalism ,allied practice, but we can extrapolate the principle that Alain offers in here.

How we can be sure that as Mentalists and Readers (doing readings as part of the performance or as a private reader), our efforts are guided by proper ethics?
The one word that Alain offer in this quote (in a bold manner) is LOVE. (you can learn more reflections about this complex construct at "Romantic Mentalism" )

Love towards the craft, love for our audience and/or participants and most important, love towards ourselves.

In the moment in which we realize that charlatanism is not only a negative implantation towards our environment but to ourselves, we can bring a new level of ethics to our practices.

Follow the "Golden Rule", study the ethics of Mentalism, of Readings and apply them in your life.

Yes, you can be a Reader or a Mentalist without being Charlatan. You can offer to your participants, audiences and to the world a constructive experience, being genuine and REALLY caring about them.

I hope that these ideas can give you new spaces to reflect during your week about ethics in your craft.

Have a wonderful week!


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