Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

This week we have a fantastic piece of direct thinking from my mentor Kenton Knepper, from his "Beyond Limits Lecture", that you can get in his site HERE

Who are you in performance?
What is your role?

Are you the expert in NLP, hypnosis, esoteric knowledge?


Believe in what you are claiming. It is not enough to just buy the latest gizmo online, or the most "fooling" gimmick.

Our world of information and methods is beautiful, yes, but in performance that means NOTHING. People are not interested in that, because they dont perceive our Inner Reality, only the Outer Reality. And the FIRST aspect and competent entity in performance are YOU. YOU are the one that facilitates the space of entertainment and mystery. Your role is fundamental in the creation of the the experience of your audience.

So, really understand what you are doing in performance, and PLAY the ROLE.

Just on stage, or outside as well?

That is your choice. Personally, I found that Mentalism change my personal life as well, so I dont have any problem to understand that my "real self" outside the stage is influenced by the performer, and viceversa as well.

I am not my character off-stage, but I am still serving the higher purpose of Mystery, so I dont have any fears in continue with the congruent premise that I offer onstage.

Some time ago, after a public performance, a theatre director approach me, very interested about the techniques that I was using. He was REALLY immerse the the Outer Reality that I created, and I dont have any problem in being able to keep the mystery for him. He was intrigued by my "non acting", and how he felt that everything that happen was real, not faked, for several subtle aspects that I intentionally communicated in my act.

Yes, indirection is powerful, and because I know my role in performance, I can play the role.

Follow the words of my mentor, and PLAY your role. Observe your own compromises in Mentalism, and let people enjoy a congruent experience.

Have a wonderful week, playing your role!


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