Quote of the Week: Richard Osterlind

This wonderful quote comes from "The Principles of Mentalism" from the Master Richard Osterlind, one of the best modern books in Mentalism theory.

Indeed, we are called to BE, not just to PRETEND.

It is scientifically known that actors ARE different persons, as soon as they enter to the acting space (click here for more info)

I love how bold is Richard in his belief. Most of the times we see too much relativism in Mentalism, offering a common advice such as "do whatever you want", and that can be very harmful to the responsibility that each one of us have. If you call yourself a Mystery Performer, a Mentalist , a Psychic Entertainer, and similar labels, you have an ethical standard.

Yes, AFTER you learn the rules, you can twist them with a purpose, but if you are constructing your basis in Mentalism, you need to have guidelines, and this one from Richard will offer you fantastic inspiration.

Be a Mentalist, not being in "character all the time", but being able to understand that you are not "faking" or "deceiving" people when you perform Mentalism, but offering an interesting role of your-self. And that same process, will inevitably change your being in normal life.

So, be a TRUE Mentalist and not just an actor or a fake.

Have a wonderful week! 


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