What is your role?

In each performance, it is essential that you observe in a pro-active manner what is the role that you are having.

Yes, obviously you are the Mentalist, the performer, but beyond that, why are you needed in the experience? Can people really perceive your role?

A classic example: Any Card at Any Number

One participant names a number, other a playing card.
That card is exactly at that position.

After defining the phenomena that you want to create (you place that card before, as prediction), you can understand what is the role that you are having in here. One potential option is that you are the performer that will show his prediction.

Or maybe, you are the one influencing in real-time both pieces of information, and then proving your influence abilities using the deck of cards.

Now, what happens if the deck is shuffled before the procedure?

From a phenomena point of view, you cant create a prediction. The shuffle left the cards in a random position. Now... if you take the deck, watch it for a moment and then "influence" them, you can use the deck as proof of your influence.

Do you see the importance of this big details?

If you care about a realist and congruent performance, you need to observe in a deeper manner this aspects.

Lets say that you dont want to "predict" or "influence".
 A deck is shuffled, and without any intervention from your part, someone said a number, other a playing card, you do nothing, and the card is at that position. 
In this moment, the overall Outer Reality of the performance can be seen as a mysterious coincidence or synchronicity.

What is your role here?

Lets see other case: A mindreading piece. Someone is thinking in a personal goal in life (you can use "Goal" from the Minimal Act" ), and you will reveal it using your alleged abilities.

First of all, what are your abilities?
How do you really express those abilities?

From those simple questions, that you need to observe beforehand (and not necesarily explain in performance, but keeping as subtext), you can understand what is the role that you will have in performance.

Maybe you are studying the power of the non-verbal communication.
The mystery man that receives flashes of intuition.
A psychic that can see beyond...

Any subtext is valid. What is not valid, is to not have a subtext.

I hope that these ideas can offer you new perspectives for your work as Mystery Performers. As you can see, is not "hard" to execute, and the results can offer you new moments of realism and impact.


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