Dont Read Corinda!

Pablo, are you crazy? 
THE recommendation for any beginner is the classic Corinda-13 Steps...

Yes my dear reader, I know that, but I dont consider this text as the one that a beginner must read.


Simple. First you must understand that BEING a Mentalist is not about how much do you know, but how much you LIVE as Mentalist,

We know in Psychology that identity and actions are bi-directional. So, if you ARE a Mentalist, you will do Mentalism, and if you do Mentalism, you are being a Mentalist.

But what comes first? BE or DO ?

Without a doubt, BE.

You need to BE a Mentalist first, for this reason Corinda-13 Steps is NOT the book for beginners.

A beginner student of this wonderful art and practice must understand than nobody will believe in your wonderful mental miracles if you are not perceived as a Mentalist. This is a classic situation for any Magician starting his journey.

He realize the interesting and different impact that he can receive adding some "Mentalism" into his act (which is really Mental Magic, not Mentalism) and after his Ace Assembly and his 53 phases of Ambitious Card Routine, he then goes for something "stronger", and reveals a thought of card.

This person is doing Mentalism? 
Most probably, not.

Why? Because he doesnt perceives himself as a Mentalist, thus, his audience will have a very difficult time in understanding his performance as Mentalism.

If you are a beginner, and you want to learn how to BE a Mentalist first (and then learn techniques, tools and routines), you can watch this video 

After you learn how to be a Mentalist, sure you can read Corinda and other great books, but dont start with 13 Steps.

13 Steps is a consultation book, a technical book, not a beginner one.

Learn from Cassidy, Osterlind, Knepper, Maven and others. Understand WHY they ARE Mentalists, model their principles and then focus into the effects and routines that you want to do.


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