Quote of the Week: Bob Cassidy

This week, a fantastic observation from the Master Mindreader Bob Cassidy, from his eBook  "A Journey Through the 4th Dimension", which you can get in HERE

Each action in performance must be natural, as in real life. Our act must be a dramatic presentation of interesting mind/psychic phenomena, and the Outer Reality must be clearly understood, without need of explicit explanations.

We are normal persons, creating para-normal events.
Outer simplicity, inner complexity.

If something doesnt make sense, fix it or take it off. For this reason it is imperative to be brave enough to receive feedback after your performance. This can be done using a video or a friend that can offer you director´s note.

Yes, it can be painful, but that pain is part of the learning. Let go of your ego and be open to receive constructive feedback.

 This is the beginning of performing direct and simple Mentalism.

If you are part of our "Online Mentoring", you can just send me a video performance and I can give you feedback that can offer you new insights and ideas to polish your performance.

Learning your craft, practicing and rehearsing is your personal task. 
After the performance of your routines comes the feedback moment and  then the eternal cycle of excellence (you can learn more about this in the Star Approach Audio Lecture, which is FREE)

Of course that everything in our Inner Reality must be motivated, but the most important aspect of naturalness appear in the Outer Reality of your performance. If a movement, if a prop, if a staging, if a line, anything, doesnt looks natural, it needs re-work. Thats the reason also why it is so important to have as much tools and options possible. 

Maybe using that wooden box to peek the content of a billet is not appropriated in your casual performance context and premise as performer, so maybe it will be better if you use the UCCPD (that you can learn in the Minimal Act), that offers you a full billet peek using common objects.

So, remember that everything must be perceived as natural and motivated.
I invite you to check one of your routines and really observe this question and topic in a deep manner. 
If you can do better, do it.

Have a wonderful week! 


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