How to: Construct Anagrams?

A fantastic methodological tool that we have  in Mentalism is the use of Branching/Progressive Anagrams.

They are a wonderful way in which we can reveal zodiac signs, animals from the Zoo, Planets during a interestellar journey,  colors, and more.

But, which one can I use?

Use your own! Taking the time to construct your own, with your own criteria, is highly powerful to really understand it in a deeper level.

But how? I offer you two ways.

1. Use this free online tool from Maxime Helier (Click HERE) 

2. Learn the method that Art teaches in his book "Progressive", which is honestly my prefered way.

(Soon, he will release his Progressive Advanced!) 

Now that you know a little bit more about PA/BA, check all our releases in that area 

Study them, Rehearse them, and use them to perform amazing Mentalism anytime, anywhere!


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