Quote of the Week: John Riggs

A very interesting quote, from John Riggs, one of the most creative and powerful Psychic Performers. Get his material in HERE

This particular quote comes from his Penguin Lecture, which is one of the best without a doubt. Informative, inspiring, entertaining and full of gems, like this quote.

There is the old saying "There is no market for a fake mindreader" right?

Show, dont tell.
Let people perceive your performance as they desire.
Be the agent of creation, not explanation.
Propose questions, not answer.

Once you understand this aspect of the polarity of realism, we can now move to this dual side of thinking. Indeed, if you are REALLY reading minds, where is the mystery?

The mystery in Mystery Performance is created by the ambiguity, by your audience fantasy.

Personally I understand Mentalism as a space in which you facilitate people the ambiance of realism. That is very different to simply say "Convince them!"

Dont aim for conviction, aim for realism. People will be responsible in their own perception and belief.
Do the best you can, impact people with powerful moments, but always remember that the fun in Mentalism is the Mystery, no the certainty.

If you explain, the story is over. 
If you leave it open, the story has just begun.

Work in your subtext. That must be present. Sometimes we think that because we dont "say" your subtext, we dont need it, and that is one of the worst mistakes that you can commit.

Work ways in your script that can allow you to keep that mystery. One of the most powerful ones is "Silence"


Write your subtext, dont act it but experience it, and let people feel it.
Your text will be a subtle projection of your subtext, towards realism in your Mystery Performance.

So, dont be fake and be real. 
Really mysterious.

Thanks John for your amazing creations!

Have a wonderful and real week


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