Quote of the Week: Luke Jermay

This week, a fantastic realization, that deserves our attention, from one of the modern masters in Mentalism, Luke Jermay. 

This quote comes from his book "Building Blocks", which is an essential observation of psychological techniques and practical uses that can offer you new ideas and understandings. 

"1. One cannot not communicate"
Is the first axiom of communication (Watzlawick) 

So, everything communicates, and this is fundamental truth that we need to understand to start to perform mysteries in an effective manner.

Every act, every word, every verbal and non-verbal will start to build the blocks and offer congruency towards your desire goal in performance. You just cant imply that your value as performer is high if you are performing with a dirty deck of cards, or your outfit suggest that otherwise.

If you use a ring with a string as a pendulum, you will communicate different things that if you use a beautiful crystal.

Communication is not just words. Suggestion is not just a set of psychological techniques. Communication is everything, suggestion is everything.

For that reason it is so important to be excellent, to practice and rehearse with proper understanding. Being center stage while performing suggest present, while being on the left or right suggest past and future respectively.

Important details.

It is highly improbable to communicate importance in what you do if you use plastic items. Why? Because plastic is a cheap material, and it is easily thrown away. Thats the reason why I focus so much in elegant materials in our products at Arkanosophy for example. We use crystals, wood, leather and other natural materials.

Now, in that case, using plastic props is not inherently wrong, if you are conscious in the use of it and what suggest. For example, in "Insane Cube", I use actually a plastic film canister, because I WANT that the prop to be invisible.

So, really observe what you are suggesting with your presence (you can study the Art of the First Impression in the "10 Seconds Audio Lecture") , with your verbals, non-verbals and use suggestion in the proper way.

Have a fantastic week! 


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