Quote of the Week: Tony "Doc" Shiels

This week, we have a quote from a true living underground legend in the Mystery Performance world, the bizarre and strange Tony "Doc" Shiels.
This quote comes from his book "Entertaining with ESP", a true gem. From time to time is very powerful to read "beginner" books, to really go deep and reflect about what is essential. With all this mainstream marketplace madness, we tend to lose focus.

What is Magic?
What is Real Magic?

Do you agree with this quote?

Personally, I do. Not just for Magicians perse, but also for us as Mentalist. 
Because we live in the Ultra-rationalist age of "skepcticism" and Scientism, we could tend to feel superior due our understanding of the minds and how can perceive different realities.

Basically, because we can create the reality of Mindreading, but we know that ESP is not used in our approach, thus ESP is false.
Because we have the wonderful voodoo trick, we dismiss voodoo as a real experience in other cultures.

This is the same as if believing that hair doesnt exist because I have a wig...

We are not brave enough to explore other aspects of the Mysteries and esoteric knowledge. Why not? It is "non-rational"?

Thats the problem of the over-value of rationalism.
If we dont do something "rational", is not correct.

I invite you to break that dualism. Be brave to try new foolish ideas. Maybe, just maybe you will be surprised.

But, there is hope in this new explorations. There is a community of open-minder Mystery Performers that are wise, and try to observe new ways of understanding. 

Explore the real Magic, the real Mysteries, those that dont need a "trick" to be accomplished. Change your paradigms, question them.

Lets push this art to new levels. Let me tell you, is worth it.

For example, in the "Arkanosophy Tarot" complementary eBook, I offer my "Tarot Q&A", which uses real intuition as part of the channels in which I create the experience of my audience. Yes, real intuition. Not "Cold Reading" or "Barnum Statements".

It is non-rational? Of course, thats the value!
It is worth it? Yes!

This weekend I had a short gig at a local coffee place, a special events for breast cancer support group. For this parlor intervention I use the opener from the "Parlor Act" and then the Tarot Q&A.

They felt entertained but most important, connected and empowered. And one of the essential aspects of this experience was believing in real Magic, in real Mysteries, and dont be afraid to the lack of control.

Next time you do a Zodiac Sign Revelation, REALLY use your intuition and add a small reading with whatever you feel. Next time you do a billet routine, reveal thoughts BEFORE applying the billet technique.

Dont be frustrated if you "fail", because at the moment you are brave to apply this paradigm, your are succeeding. With time and experience, you will develop your real Magic.

Have a wonderful and mysterious week! 


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