How to: Avoid Magician´s Thinking

"No, dont think like a magician"
"Thats just magicians thinking..."

The concept of "Magician´s Thinking" alludes to the unnecessary worries prior performance and actions during performance that a Mentalist can commit.

Over-justification of every prop used.
Switching the gimmicked prop for a ungimmicked one
Cliches ("Please check this completely regular deck of cards", pulling the sleeves, showing the hands empty)
and others are classic examples of this "Magician´s Thinking" 

Most Mentalist started in Magic Tricks, so for that reason is imperative personal reflection in every action and word that you use in your script, so you dont fall in this trap.

Study normal actions, study normal movements, study real psychics and how the do what they do (it doesnt matter if you believe in psychic phenomena or not), study how REAL people talk.

Be less like him

and be more like this 

Recognize your weakness and work in them. Improve. You dont need to be a Trick Magician pretending to be a Mentalist. BE a Mentalist, act like one.

If you want to use a gimmicked wallet, or similar, JUST do it!
Dont "justify" yourself or your props but found natural motivations to use them in casual ways in your performance.

What is more natural that to ask for a business card from a client and to keep his card in your wallet?

Don't Run When No One Is Chasing You... right?

Remember that communication also works in Polarity. When you say or do something, you are also communicating the contrary, and that is because the non-verbal communication and Indirection are powerful tools.

For example, our "Alice in Wonderland Book Test" cant be offered for "examination", but it is a fantastic and powerful valid tool.

First of all..."examination"...? What is this, a scientific study?

Why is the book in itself that important? Cant you offer a powerful performance in which the experience and your participant is the protagonist?

If you construct a solid routining that allows you to focus completely into the experience and not just in the book as physical object, you can use special and gimmicked props without problems. 

Just work a little bit smarter, and you will reach new opportunities.

So, stop thinking like a Trick Magician, and start to think like a Realistic Mentalist!


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